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I found this website on accident, but it has been of the greatest help so far, better than any book i could have bought. I in fact came looking for advice on backpacking and found so much more.
I find it funny sometimes that people are so uninterested in seeing other places, or at least thinking globally. They are just content to sit at home. I have always felt the need to travel, to see, to learn, as i am sure many of you here too feel the same way.
I am still very young, 18, and havent had that many "worldy experiences" being under my parents wing and all. But now that i am legally an adult, I have decided to take a step forward and do what I have never been allowed to do. (Agaisnt my parents wishes) But I know it will be way worth it.
I lived in Costa Rica almost for seven months about a year ago, and I loved it. Very touristy but over all the country is beautiful and amazing. The people are great and I loved it so much that I figured I should see Central America and then down into South America. Why not go backpacking? (Seeing as I have to live on a tight budget)
I am taking a break before I start college. This is what I want to do in my life, the kind of job I want. I hope that my trip will re-enforce my desire to expand my horizans, or maybe (hopefully not) show me that that is not the kind of life I want to lead. .... We will see

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